Soft tissue, blood vessels, and blood cells found inside Tyrannosaurus Rex leg bone! It is not millions of years old, probably not even thousands. Dinosaurs lived with man, and were on the ark, just as the Bible indicates.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008



By now we're all familiar with the fresh, unfossilized parts of dino bones that have been discovered recently, and highlighted on this blog.

Since the discovery, creationists have been wondering why the evolulus have been so hesitant to carbon date the bones.

They finally did, and we see just why they have been so afraid. The results came back that the dinos lived less than 100 years ago. Of course we dispute the accuracy of the evolutionary dating methods, but even this shows the dinos didn't live 70 million years ago.

So now they are saying the material was biofilm "slime". Of course that is obviously false from simply looking at the vessels and blood cells (with hemoglobin), coupled with the fact the alleged "slime" was spread uniformly, and not dripping toward the bottom as gravity would cause if it was slime.

The evolulus sure are desperate. They will resort to any slimey excuse they can to explain away the obvious and support their religious dogma.


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Davester said...

Would you mind posting your source for the carbon dates? I will use this in my homeschool class.


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